My Story

My Food

Yo, welcome to Ruby Tuesday’s Soul Food! My food has become a fusion of where I come from; a mix of Ghana and Caribbean family which is where my love of good wholesome food comes from.

When I first moved to Ireland, I couldn’t find any REAL good Caribbean food in restaurants. Even once at a festival I was served vegetarian Caribbean food! Finally, I was told ‘Well Ruby why don’t you do it yourself?’ So, I did, next year I took my own stand at the Mantua festival serving real authentic Caribbean food.


I Heart Dublin

Ireland has embraced me, and I’ve hugged it right back. Starting at festivals with just my famous jerk chicken wings I’ve come up with a whole menu of Caribbean favorites like oxtail stew and curried goat (not your average chicken curry). Now I’ve made my home In Berlin D2 on Dame street 7 days a week which fits my vibe of good food and good times.

The Irish and Caribbean’s both seem to love curry and are always on the hunt for the best chicken wings to try before you die.

See for yourself, join me on my journey to serve Dublin the best Afro-Caribbean food they’ll ever try!

14-15 Dame Lane, Dublin 2, D02 XC91

Opening Hours:

Monday: 4-9.30pm
Tuesday: 4-9.30pm
Wednesday: 4-9.30pm
Thursday: 4-9.30pm
Friday: 4-9.30pm
Saturday: 4-9.30pm
Sunday: 4-9.30pm